5 essential facts about the Phoenics Corona maps

5 essential facts about the Phoenics Corona maps
5 essential facts you should know about the Phoenics Corona maps.

1. Multiple areas

Corona keeps the whole world in suspense. So you might not only want to know how much your country is affected, but perhaps also to know the case numbers of the home country of your family or friends. Therefore we would like to give you an informative overview of the number of Covid-19 cases in different areas.

Phoenics GmbH offers maps of the number of Covid-19 cases in the following 8 areas:

If you have a commercial interest in the production of a specific card, maybe even with your branding, please contact us.

Example: World map of coronavirus cases from 11.05.2020

2. Download in various formats

Our maps are available in the formats JPEG or PDF for printing in DIN A3.

JPEG is known for being a popular format, especially because of its small file size, which comes with no great loss of quality. It is suitable for numerous applications, both online and offline.

Maps in PDF format are ideal for printing applications, as the image is very accurate and the quality of the image is very high. Since it is a common file format, display errors are very rare. Therefore it is suitable for various applications and operating systems.

3. All maps also in English

For all our international interested customers we offer all of our produced maps in english language as well. Just visit the map shop on our english website phoenics.net.

4. Cartographical Quality

Our thematic maps correspond to a high cartographic quality and are suitable beyond the usual user application, as a basis for research or planning. Scales and location forms generate exact reference areas that go beyond a rough representation. In addition to the static content, dynamic content is added, so that the user can see the number of new infections from the previous day. The references are unambiguous and clearly identifiable, making the cartograms easy to understand and correct.

5. Optimal comparison possibilities

You get up to date quickly, but do you know how badly did the pandemic rage last month?
Our data packages in ZIP format contain all available maps of the months May, April and March, sorted by period, format and reference area. So you can easily download the maps you need. The special feature of the collected data packages is that they are ideal for comparison methods and eliminate the need for lengthy research into data from previous periods.

Video: Development of coronavirus cases in Germany by districts

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