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Visit us at INTERGEO 2018

INTERGEO in Frankfurt

Visit us at INTERGEO in Frankfurt from 16-18 October. As a partner and European sales partner of CitiGenius GmbH, we will present the Smart City Solution “CitiGenius” and inform you about our other products and services.

Seal Mapping

Use free aerial photographs as a basis for updating your rainwater charge and for determining the water maintenance fee. Let us advise you. We will make you a cost-effective offer. Phoenics has been the market leader in this field for more than 20 years.

Sealing cadastre

Tree & green area cadastre

The first step in the cadastre of trees and green spaces is always the inventory of existing trees and green spaces. The stereoscopic recording from Stereo aerial photography is a cost-effective method. In addition, it is much more accurate than the GPS image in the field or the image from the orthophoto. The acquisition is also possible here on the basis of free aerial photos, which are also suitable for the street and cemetery cadastre. QGIS solutions for the further processing of the data complete our offer.

Tree Cadastre

True Orthophotos

Based on new image flights, Phoenics now also offers True Orthophotos in two variants – the True Ortho 80/60 and the True Ortho Ortho PC. Higher objects such as buildings are not displayed tilted in the True Orthophoto. Thus the roof of a building above his floor plan and is not in his Position shifted as with conventional orthophoto.

Autumn flight 2018

Think already now of current aerial photographs! The planning of the autumn and spring flights has already begun. The pictures with a resolution of 5cm are perfectly suitable for the sealing mapping, the tree, green area, cemetery and street cadastre and of course for the creation of true orthophotos.

Green area cadastre

Smart City Solution – CitiGenius

Spatial 3D city and landscape models serve as the basis for numerous analysis tools and 3D applications. These are used, among other things, in the fight against terrorism, disaster and fire protection, emergency planning, risk assessment, but also in the areas of wind energy, urban planning and solar analyses.

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Erfahren Sie, wie Sie eine detaillierte räumliche Dokumentation der Schäden in den Hochwassergebieten erhalten, die die Basis für die Planung, Finanzierung und die Umsetzung des Wiederaufbaus bildet und für zukünftige Maßnahmen des Katastrophenschutzes herangezogen werden kann.



Erfahren Sie mehr zur gesetzlichen Grundlage der Gewässerunterhaltungsgebühr und wie die notwendigen Daten erfasst und verarbeitet werden.

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