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Note it in your calender: March 12, 2020 - IVC seminar at the Hotel Kaiserhof in Hannover on the subject of rainwater taxes!

Rainwater Taxes

In most towns and municipalities in Lower Saxony, the precipitation water fee is based on incorrect or very outdated data.

It can be assumed that the amount of sealing in cities is increasing by 2-3% annually.
The photogrammetric recording and updating of the sealed surfaces is the prerequisite for the determination of the precipitation water tax.

Phoenics GmbH has developed a procedure for updating the sealing data, which enables state-of-the-art recording with improved image resolution at reasonable prices. In addition, the supplementary self-questioning and the recalculation of the fees are also offered on request.

The update procedure has been carried out for the cities of Hamburg and Frankfurt, among others, and for many other small and large cities and communities.

Sealing cadaster for the assessment of fees
IVC Seminar Hotel Kaiserhof
Seminar on precipitation water tax - on 12.03.2020 at the Hotel Kaiserhof in Hannover

IVC-Seminar 2020

On 12 March 2020, the auditing company IVC is organising a seminar on the subject of precipitation water taxes in Lower Saxony.

Learn all about

Photogrammetric data acquisition
Cost allocation based on causation
Data maintenance and tax management
Legal basis and requirements
Local experience reports

We would be pleased if we have attracted your interest and are pleased to welcome you to our seminar on 12 March 2020 at the Hotel Kaiserhof in Hannover. We would be delighted to send you a registration form.

Aerial Flights in Spring / True Orthophoto

Think of the coming aerial flights in spring. Now Christmas is just around the corner and from February on the flights can take place.
We fly your projects with large format cameras, such as the Leica DMCII/III or the Ultracam Eagle. These cameras have almost distortion-free lenses! Of course we also offer flights with oblique shots.

If you also want to have tilt free orthophotos, our latest True Orthophotos are the right choice. Thanks to new calculation technology, tilting of buildings and all other objects can be eliminated. Phoenics has a number of methods for optimizing your orthophotos.

True Orthophoto with 3D triangulation of the city of Rüsselsheim am Main
Smarty City Application CITIGENIUS

Smart City with Citigenius

Make your city “smart”!

Our basic product is the processing of state-of-the-art photogrammetric data, including 2.5 dbDOM, (textured) 3D mesh and 3D building models in various formats.

As a premium product we offer you our application Citigenius for the complete 3D visualization of all data and for analyses in the field of security, anti-terrorism, disaster control, risk assessment but also wind energy, urban planning, solar analyses, etc.

Tree and Green Cadastres

Due to the high requirements in the legal treatment of damage caused by trees, the tree cadastre is becoming increasingly important in the area of green area management.

The first step should always include an inventory of the existing trees. Photogrammetric recording from stereo aerial images is a cost-effective method. This makes it possible to determine the exact position of the trees. Trees that have already been recorded can be checked for accuracy and corrected with this method.

Green Cadastre of the City of Balingen

An image from the orthophoto is very inaccurate due to the large tilts and leads to many misinterpretations. Usually the required aerial photographs for this acquisition are available at low cost or even for free.
In addition to photogrammetric acquisition of tree locations, Phoenics offers support for visual traffic safety checks according to FFL guidelines and software for efficient tree management.

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