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Learn more about the advantages of our True Orthophotos and remember to plan your area flights in 2020!

Life without True Orthophotos is possible, but pointless! 😉

True Orthophoto

You don’t want any more tilts in your orthophotos? We are able to eliminate them completely.

Thanks to a new calculation technology for the orthophoto production, tilts of buildings and all other objects can be eliminated. Of course this is not possible without additional work, such as flying with high coverage, integration of building vectors, if possible, and the elimination of remaining errors on building edges.

Phoenics has a number of methods for optimizing your orthophotos.

without texture with texture
Orthophoto of Ruesselsheim with and without textured 3D mesh

Classic Orthophoto

The subject of orthophoto has changed massively and we are happy to provide you with further information about that.

In the meantime we can offer different qualities. Starting with the automatically generated orthophoto over edited break edges up to the adjustment of seamlines.

Klassisches Luftbild
Classic Aerial Photo
Book an appointment for the upcoming aerial flights!

Aerial Flights in the spring of 2020

The next aerial flight in spring is almost upon us. Now it’s almost Christmas and from February on the flight can take place.

Judging by the current inquiries, there will be many projects in the next spring and according to the greyhound principle, the one who orders earlier is also more likely to get it.

We fly your projects with large format cameras, such as the Leica DMCII/III or the Ultracam Eagle. These cameras have almost distortion-free lenses, unlike the medium format cameras with 150 megapixels or lower resolution, that are coming into fashion.

We will gladly advise you on this and ensure that your area is optimally surveyed. Of course, we also offer flights with oblique images and their evaluation.

nFrames User Meeting

Our technology partner nFrames GmbH from Stuttgart is the leading developer of the new True Orthophoto technology.

The German software for the creation of true orthophotos, 3D mesh and textured 3D models is being continuously developed and Phoenics is providing the necessary services.

If you want to learn more about the production of True Orthophotos, come to the 3rd User Meeting of the company nFrames in Stuttgart in February 2020 where Phoenics will report about current projects and services.

Green Cadastre of Balingen

Sealing, Treen and Green Cadastres

The tree cadastre for road safety obligations or sealing survey for water maintenance and precipitation water charges – we provide you with the most important municipal cadastres.

The stereoscopic evaluation of the aerial photographs considerably increases the accuracy of the evaluation process and the definition of details.

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