Maps of the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Daily maps for regions and countries worldwide.
Created for printing in DINA3 format
All maps are available for download as JPEG or partly also as PDF
All data are available on request.
All maps can also be produced with the respective “branding” on request.

We deliver ready-to-use maps with the current statistics of the day. You can download these maps individually or order a package for the respective country / region.

A package includes all existing maps of this product range and all maps which are newly produced until the specified date.

By downloading the files, the user accepts the terms of use of Phoenics GmbH.

Terms of use:

The copyrights for all products on this website remain with Phoenics GmbH.
The maps may only be used for private purposes. Commercial use and further distribution of our products are expressly prohibited.
For the commercial and editorial use of our products you need our explicit consent, please contact us.

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